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Thank you for viewing our site and have selected. To keep the sites terms and conditions of these rules is the users convenience, Users who need to act accordingly. Otherwise Site managers have the right issues, Articles ? News and all description and sometimes the user account from the site to remove. After carefully reading the rules "option while clicking the statute,I agree with everything " Check box, and then press "Register" and press . You can visit the site to read the rules of the law.

Rule No. 1) All users must be registered on the site, the left words In order to use the user name. If you see the words vulgar and Inappropriate, the user account will be deleted and the user at the first opportunity available to him This site will be closed as much as possible with the users name in English letters Create

Rule No. 2) Users must register in the appropriate words to use when sending a message. If you see the words vulgar and inappropriate, the user account will be deleted and the user at the first opportunity to access the site will be closed

Rule No. 3) The local site for purposes of exchanging information about the site. Please try to post your content on this topic or related topics please

Rule No. 4) responsibility for content posted by users are their own and not necessarily those of the staff or the site content is not

Rule No. 5) If you want to send something from another site, please be sure to mention the source. If the subject or the subject was written by someone special, you can mention his name

Rule No. 6) Please make a user account on more than one site, please refrain from. If more than one user account on behalf of a user, All of them will be removed at the earliest opportunity and access to the website will be discontinued

Rule No. 7) hacking-related topics and issues that are causing harm to others is strictly forbidden on the site. Just like crack cases and teaching notes on the security of the system And deal with the hackers and the like, it is recommended that the user are allowed. If the This is not the first time that the user account will be deleted

Rule No. 8) Please answer the questions on the significance of words and sentences that the user discouraged Do not be a question. This is a training ground for those who know that this site is very elementary questions. So instead of using words that cause the user to get an answer to your question is strongly discouraged Do not

Rule No. 9) Please if you do not know the answer to a question from a material that causes it to send Do not overcrowd. A special discussion on yourself if you can open a public debate

Rule No. 10) of commercial writing and avoid advertising. If the Send mentioned that the advertising may be removed by the administrators and Repeat this action by the user, it always depends on the users account Will

Rule No. 11) Responsibility for all files or images and ... Are exchanged through the site The transmitter is user Website assumes no obligation regarding these safety issues They are not viruses, and ... No. We recommend you download the file And ... They used before by virus detection software that scans and files Are responsible, your check

Rule No. 12) To get the answer to a security question if the use of the Forums Directly to a user via email, chat or any other way to contact you Site committed against any potential problems will arise

Rule No. 13) If you see any disrespect to the other users and site administrators Will be lost if the users access to the site off Will

Rule No. 14) The user name is changed only by authorized administrators. If you want to change the user name Do you have a senior on its site, send private messages and user name in the message The old, the new user name and your e-mail address you specified

Rule No. 15) Please discuss the story in the site issues and Islamic law, and to respect the content and images from Do not disagree with that. It also prevents you from writing any political and ideological issues in this case, the user access the site will be closed forever

Rule No. 16) If a thread or message the user deleted or edited by the administrator of the site was If you have questions or want to ask about this topic please its cause Send a private message to the manager and ask if you can bring private To the manager about the fully give you advice and answer your questions

Rule No. 17) If you see any issues, if desired, a user of the Site in violation rules Address to send the manager a thread on the subject investigation immediately, if The users head instead of his own decisions and feedback with other users on Users will immediately notice the post will be deleted and warned him

Rule No. 18) If you notice any comments mocking, defamatory or problems About an individual user or a site manager and delete the message immediately Confirm if the user will have to confront it

Rule No. 19) Any discussion topics that deviate from its original path to be the kind of Is contrary to the Rules of the directors, if necessary, or discussion threads The add will be removed. The users are thus responsible for Threads Take care to prevent it from being diverted. If the user makes Threads were diverted You can link to a thread on a site administrator If necessary, the user will need to be

Rule No. 20) Some parts of this site are their own set of rules for all its users In addition to the rules listed in this section must abide by the laws of each Are

Rule No. 21) Please feel free to criticize if you have a manager with a private message Please send it on its head, criticizing or complaining about the actions or behavior. Site managers please do it only through a private message on one of the managers Send the original to hear the case and, if necessary, consult the Be

Rule No. 22) Thanks for presentations or approved by a professional writer thread to thread Rather than post a new topic or reply to the thread or the stars that thanks button There are threads on the use

Rule No. 23) The same as the user name of an administrator account or using avatars or Information that causes confusion portal user will be banned and if User access will be closed without prior notice

Rule No. 24) Putting scripts, products, and ... A graphic of a Free Are not only the manufacturer can publish their consent, in the case of Mail is received by the manufacturer are removed Posts

Rule No. 25) If you want a discussion and training listed on this site. Elsewhere in the site or use the sites name and the authors name and the necessary If possible, a link to the message on more details

I agree with all the rules of the site mentioned above and I am required to observe all rules and accept

It is hoped that by using the site rules Instructions that in future they will add user to your satisfaction, we welcome To win, hoping for a good time while viewing the site for you.